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Course Image FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Certification Test Preview
Sample preview test covering all areas of the Part 107 Exam listed below.

  1. Regulations
  2. Airspace & Requirements
  3. Weather
  4. Loading and Performance
  5. Operations
Course Image UAS - Section I : Regulations

This course covers the Regulations as prescribed by Part 107 and supporting Parts of the FAR AIM. 

Part 107 subparts listed below;

  • Subpart A - General
  • Subpart B - Operation Rules
  • Subpart C - Remote Pilot Certification
  • Subpart D - Waivers
Course Image UAS - Section II : Airspace and Requirements

This course covers the material related to Airspace & Requirements needed to pass the Part 107 Test.

Course Image UAS - Section III : Weather Knowledge

Understanding Weather and the available sources for weather data in order to make informed decisions about UAS operations.

Course Image UAS - Section IV : Loading and Performance

Determining the performance of small unmanned aircraft.

Course Image UAS - Section V : Operations

UAS Operations deals with all aspects of Operating your small unmanned aircraft systems in accordance with Part 107 of the FAR AIM.